AutoCAD Tutorial: Concepts

AutoCAD provides some simple options that simplify the drawing process while aiding you to get maximum accuracy. This section provides a general knowledge of the usage of AutoCAD as drafting tool. Basic understanding of CAD terms and overview of AutoCAD concepts are explained in this section.

The chapters included in this section are:

AutoCAD concepts


The object snap command allows you to snap to the exact point at an exact location on the object in the drawing.

Selection Set:

This option allows you to select or deselect a particular set of items in a CAD drawing.

Zoom & Pan:

The Zoom and Pan Options help you to view and navigate within your drawing better to make as accurate as possible.

AutoCAD Concepts:

This sub section involves different features provided in AutoCAD such as Grid, Elevation, Regen, transparent, etc. and explains how these options can be effectively applied.