Free Excel Tutorial for Engineers : Copy, Paste, Transpose

The copy and paste option in excel is very important as it allows you to copy and paste data, formula, or functions from one cell to another, in turn making your working process faster. The copy and paste in excel is made more helpful as it allows you to paste the same data in multiple cells at a time. To copy and paste data select the required cell, right click and select the copy option, right click on the destination cell(s) and select the paste option.


Paste Special: Excel provides you with some paste special options, which may help you to change the format of the data while pasting it. The most used options in paste special are explained as follows: Values: If you are copy-pasting data from one worksheet to another you might find that the cells that had used a formula in the main worksheet will give an error message (#REF) while pasting in the new worksheet or the values will change while pasting the content directly in another cell. In such cases the paste special option allows you to paste only the value to the other worksheet or another cell. To use the values option in paste special, copy the data from a worksheet, right click on the cells where you want to paste the data, select the paste special option and check the values option in the dialog box. Only the value in the cell is pasted.


Transpose: Sometimes after entering data you might want to change the rows into columns or vice versa in excel to improve its readability. The transpose option in excel makes this possible. To switch rows to column select the cells, right click on the cells and select the paste special option. In the dialog box select the transpose option and the switch will be completed. However, you should remember that you cannot select the cell in which the data is already present while using the transpose option.