AutoCAD Tutorial: Create Entities

AutoCAD is mainly used for creating engineering drawings. All engineering drawings are necessarily drawn with specific dimensions. This means that to draw any entity we have to know the coordinates of all the points defining the entity. Since we are getting familiar with AutoCAD, in this chapter we will just draw free hand entities without bothering about dimensions and coordinates.

2.1 POINT: The point is the most basic entity of any drawing. Point marks or creates a point object. You can specify a co-ordinate or can pick a point by the clicking on the point on the workspace.


2.2 Line: This is another basic draw command used to draw lines from one point to another point. The ‘from point’ and ‘to point’ can be specified by clicking on the required points on the workspace.


2.3 ARC: The arc command helps you to create arc in your drawing. There are multiple ways to create an arc. If you know center, radius and starting angle and ending angle using those inputs you can draw an arc. Simplest method of creating an arc is by clicking 3 points as shown in the figure below.


You can specify a three-point arc either clockwise or counter clockwise.

2.4 Circle: The circle command creates a circle by the following options: Center point, 2 points & 3 points. To create a circle type the circle command in the command line and select the type of circle you want to create (2P / 3P / Center Point)and select the required points by clicking on the workspace.






2.5 ELLIPSE: The ellipse command helps you to create an ellipse or elliptical arcs. To create an ellipse click on the start point and end point of the first axis and a third point on the other axis.


2.6 RECTANGLE: The rectangle command draws a rectangular polyline. Rectangle can be drawn by selecting two points diagonally opposite to each other on the workspace.


2.7 PLINE: A Polyline is a connected sequence of line and arc segments and is treated as single entity by AutoCAD.


2.8 Text: Annotating the drawing is necessity for making the drawing readable. Using text command annotations (labels) can be created. Text entities are one of the complex entities as it has many variables attached to it like font, width, height, rotation, justification etc. AutoCAD allows to create texts using two command Text and Mtext. Since the text entities created with Mtext commands are not handy for further editing, we will not be discussing about Mtexts of AutoCAD.