Free Excel Tutorial for Engineers : Excel for Engineers

Microsoft Excel is the most widely used spreadsheet application around the world that helps you analyze and organize data. Excel finds its usage in almost all technical fields. Though excel is a very extensive spreadsheet application surveyors will need to learn only some of the basic functions and formulas. The excel section provides you with a detailed outlook of basics of excel and is also supported by informative videos and impressive images making the learning process fun. The Excel section is divided into 7 sections:

Excel for Engineers

Introduction to Excel:

This section tells you about what a spreadsheet program is and describes all the different interfaces of MS Excel.

Right Click:

This section gives the details about all functionalities that can be availed from a simple right click in an excel spreadsheet.


This section describes the various editing options in excel such as copy, paste, find, replace, sort, filter, etc.


This section brings to you different functions in excel that makes working with excel easier and a lot faster.


This section details all the different and unique printing options that can be found in excel.


This section describes some special features that can be found in excel such as the pivot table, data validation, graphs, charts, etc.

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