Free Excel Tutorial for Engineers : Functions

Excel is mostly used as the basic tool for arithmetic functions related to statistics, engineering, finance and other hordes of branches. Excel also allows you to perform various other functions like graphical representation of data, pivot tables, etc. From this chapter you will be able to learn some basic functions of excel like addition, average, if, rounding numbers, etc.


Basic Functions:

This sub section describes some of the basic functions provided in excel such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc.

Relative & Absolute Addressing:

This sub sections gives a description of different referencing options that can be used while working on lengthy data.

String Functions:

This sub section provides you with some advanced functions like length, mid, etc.

Logical & Scientific Functions:

This sub section provides some logical and scientific functions like 'if', cos, tan, etc.

Math & Stats Functions:

This sub section describes mathematical and statistical functions such as round off, maximum, minimum, etc.