Exporting Survey Drawings - Data Transfer Utility

Although most of the drawings are prepared in AutoCAD and the likes, drawings can be printed and given to the Customer in Hard Copy. But delivering drawings may not be a one time job. So, it becomes impractical to print the drawing and deliver it in all stages of project. Most of the Clients also have access to Computers, Printers and Software’s. If Client is also conversant with AutoCAD then drawing can be delivered Electronically (Email / File Sharing). However, in most of the cases Client will either expects it for viewing purpose only and in some other cases they will require it to be processed in some other software.

AutoCAD and the Likes, offer various Export Options and if the export option is not available in your base software, then you may have to, depending on third party tool, convert your drawings to expected formats

  1. PDF (Portable Digital File): If the Client requirement is just to view the Drawing in his computer, then exporting the drawing to PDF format is most popular. Drawing can be exported as PDF and the Client will be able to browse the drawing using Adobe Acrobat Reader (Free).
  2. DWF (Drawing Web Format): Note that there are many free drawing Viewer Tools, including AutoCAD's DWF Viewer, which are developed specifically to help the Clients who view and mark drawings (which does not compel Client to know drawing Editor Software).
  3. KML: Google Earth File.
  4. GIS File: Survey Drawings are used as Base Maps in GIS projects. Depending on what GIS Software Client prefers (Arcview / Mapinfo) you may have to export drawing to Specified Format. One of the most popular GIS Format is Shape Files with .SHP Extension.
  5. Input file for Design: If you are preparing survey drawing as base map for Designing then most of the time Customers will expect the drawing elements to be represented in 3D Format as their designing software’s expect data in 3D. In Such cases you have to prepare the drawing in 3D either with the CAD Software you are using or with the Help of Custom Applications such as AutoLisp Files / VB Macros.