AutoCAD Tutorial: File Management

NEW: The New command helps you to create a new drawing file.

Command: NEW (return)


SAVE AS: The save as command saves an unnamed drawing with a file name or saves currently saved file to different files.

Command: SAVE AS (return)


OPEN: This command opens an existing drawing file. AutoCAD also allows you to preview the file before opening it.

Command: OPEN (return)


SAVE: This command allows you to Save the drawing under the current file name or a specified name.

Command: SAVE (return)

QSAVE: The QSave or Quick Save option allows you to save the drawing quickly if the file is already saved with a name. If the file name is not saved then it prompts you to enter a file name to save the file.

Command: QSAVE (return) or CTRL+S

DWG/ DXF File: DWG File DWG ("drawing") is a file format used for storing two and three dimensional design data and metadata. It is the native format for several CAD packages including AutoCAD, BricsCAD, ZwCAD etc. DXF File DXF (Drawing Interchange Format or Drawing Exchange Format) is a CAD data file formatdeveloped by Autodesk for enabling data interoperability between AutoCAD and other programs.

File Export / Import: EXPORT The EXPORT command allows you to export (to send) or save the AutoCAD drawing objects to other file formats.

Command: EXPORT (return)

The command displays the Export Data dialog box, which contains the following file formats, to which the AutoCAD drawing objects, are to be exported.

File format


at Command line

3DS 3D Studio file 3DSOUT
BMP Device-independent bitmap file BMPOUT
DWG AutoCAD drawing file WBLOCK
DWF AutoCAD drawing web format file DWFOUT
DXF AutoCAD drawing interchange file DXFOUT
DXX Attribute extract DXF file ATTEXT
EPS Encapsulated PostScript file PSOUT
SAT ACIS solid object file ACISOUT
STL Solid object stereo-lithography file STLOUT
WMF Windows Metafile WMFOUT
JPG Joint Photograph expert group JPGOUT
TIF Tag image file format TIFOUT
PDF Adobe Reader available PLOT Command
DGN Interactive Graphics Design System (IDGS) CAD programs. EXPORT

IMPORT: The Import command helps you to Import various types of file formats into AutoCAD. Command: IMPORT (return) The command displays the Import File dialog box and a list of file formats from which AutoCAD imports the files in to current drawing editor.

File format


at Command line

3DS 3D Studio file 3DSIN
WMF Windows Metafile WMFIN
DXF Drawing interchange file DXFIN
EPS Encapsulated PostScript file PSIN
SAT ACIS solid object file ACISIN
DXB Drawing Binary exchange DXBIN
DGN Interactive Graphics Design System (IGDS) CAD programs. IMPORT

Please note that any image file can be inserted using the command IMAGEATTACH Or select Raster image reference from Insert menu. You can also use PNGOUT to export AutoCAD Drawing to a .png format (Portable network graphics)

AutoCAD Drawing File Version: While saving a drawing it is always necessary to save the file in older versions such as 2000/2004 formats so that drawing is readable without any problems when opened elsewhere.


Purge: The Purge command removes unused items, such as block definitions, text styles, dimension styles, linetypes, materials, layers, from the drawing, helping you to reduce the drawing file size.


QUIT: This command exits from AutoCAD if no changes have been made since the drawing was last saved. If the drawing has been modified, AutoCAD displays the Drawing Modification dialog box to prompt you to save or discard the changes before quitting.

Command: QUIT (return) (Displays Quit command Dialog Box)