Free Excel Tutorial for Engineers : Find and Replace

The find dialog allows you to quickly find a particular piece of text or a value in a Worksheet or Worksheets. The find and replace option are mostly used in combination and can be found in the editing options. To use the find option, simply select a cell in excel and type the word or the value that you are looking for in the comment dialog box and excel will look for all the text matching your search in the worksheet. It should be noted that if more than one cell is selected in excel while using the find option then excel searches the text only in the selected range and not the whole worksheet. The replace button on the other hand will help you to find the text or value and replace it with a new value. This way you won’t have to sit and read through the whole document every time you need to replace an entry. The replace dialog box provides you with two comment boxes one to find a text and another to enter the text with which you need to replace the original text.