Free Excel Tutorial for Engineers : Navigation - Excel Sheet

Naming of Cells: Excel provides us with an option to define a name for a cell or a range. This helps us when we are working on a lengthy worksheet and need to return to a particular set of cells. The easiest way to define a name for a particular set of cells is select the cells, double click on the name box, type the required name and click enter. When you have given a name to a cell of range you can go back to it at any time while working on the worksheet by selecting the defined name from the drop down menu presented in the name box.


Go to: The go to feature of excel allows you navigate easily within a worksheet. Although this feature may not be useful in a worksheet having a few rows and columns, it is handy when you work on a larger worksheet for jumping from one area to another. To open the go to dialog box, select the go to option from the home ribbon’s editing options. Type the required cell reference in the reference bar in the dialog box, excel will automatically move the cursor selection to the required cell.