randomly change values interpolation for more values

Many a times Surveyors come across requirements where they need to randomly show some elevation. It happens when it is very difficult to survey some areas like ditches or areas covered with thick bushes. They approach me asking how can we populate values in such areas. After getting this requirement from couple of my clients, we developed a simple lisp program which will populate random value for selected text with in Given Range.

Let us say if you know that elevations in the given area are around 98.43 (as you know the nearby point, which is little elevated, is 98.93). First copy any one of the elevations texts to multiple points where you want to randomly populate value. Now using DRN command of ESurvey Lisps (Dump Random Numbers) just specify 98.43 and say give variation of 0.2 then all the selected elevation texts value will be modified to a value between 98.33 to 98.53.


These kinds of simple lisps can be very handy while creating Survey Drawings.

To learn more about ESurvey Lisps visit (http://www.esurveying.net). This lisp can be found under Interpolate Sub Menu in ESurvey Lisp Menu.