AutoCAD Tutorial: Review, Inquairies

AutoCAD supplies a list of inquiry commands which assist you in getting information about an entity or group of entities or to calculate an area of a plane.

DISTANCE (DIST): This command helps you to measures the distance and angle between any two points.

Command: DIST (return) First point: Second point:

Result: Distance = calculated distance Angle in XY plane = angle, Angle from XY plane = angle Delta X = change in X, Delta Y = change in Y, Delta Z = change in Z


AREA:This command calculates the area and perimeter of selected objects (Area and circumference in case of circles).

Command: AREA(return) <First point> / Object / Add / Subtract: This command allows you options like:

Option Use
First Point Calculates the area and perimeter you define by selecting points. All points must lie in a plane parallel to the XY plane
Object Calculates the area and perimeter of the selected object. You can calculate the area of circles, ellipses, splines, polylines, polygons, regions, and solids
Add Turns on Add mode and keeps a running balance of additions and subtractions
Subtract Turns on Subtract mode, which works the same as Add mode, except that it subtracts areas and perimeters


LIST: This command displays information about the selected objects.

Command: LIST (return) Select objects: Suppose that you have selected a circle of colour green and linetype hidden then,

LIST displays: CIRCLE Layer: 0 Space: Model space Color: 3 (green) Linetype: HIDDEN Handle = <value> Center point, X= <co-ordinate> Y= <co-ordinate> Z= <co-ordinate> Radius <number> Circumference <number> Area <number>


ID (IDentify point): This command displays the X, Y and Z co-ordinate values of a selected point.

Command: ID (return) Point: (select a point)

HELP This command allows you to display the Help table of contents. Press F1 or choose Contents from the Help menu. To display help for a menu, open the menu, and then press F1 or to get information about any command, invoke HELP command transparently by putting a single apostrophe. Command: HELP or ? (return) or Press Function Key F1