Free Excel Tutorial for Engineers : Sorting

It is usually observed that the while entering the data in a work sheet people do not follow an order.  In such cases it becomes very difficult to search for any particular entry. To solve this problem excel provides us with the sort option. The sort option enables you to arrange data in a proper order, alphabetical order for text and ascending or descending order for numbers. The sort option is mostly used to arrange data column wise but can also be used to arrange data row wise by selecting the sort from left to right option from the options provided in the sort dialog box. To sort data, select the columns go to the data ribbon and click on the sort option. From the sort dialog box you can select the sort options that you require like based on what column or row you want the data sorted, what type of sort option you wanted and the sort order required. The sort option also allows you to conduct multiple sorts at a time. It also provides options like sorting by cell colour or font colour.