Represent Survey Drawing in 3D

Ever wanted to show your Survey Data in 3D?
Now with ESurvey KML you can show your survey Data instantly in 3D.

Creating 3D Drawings was never easy as 3D Models generated a need to have very good viewer as 3D Models will normally be big sized Files and When Showing 3D model Rendering will take place. Even popular software’s failed to handle big 3D models. After doing lot of study we came to know that Google Earth has a very stable 3D Viewing Engine. So, we are presenting your Survey Data in Google Earth

a) Convert your Surface data Directly as KML File
b) Present your Survey Data with Features (3D Model of features like Electric Pole, Bore well) directly in Google Earth
c) Represent your Section Drawing as a 3D model
d) Convert Earth work Surfaces as 3D Models
e) Avail Walk trough facility of Google Earth for Your Surface.

All this is possible with KML Engine built within ESurveying Products. Without Learning 3D you will be able to present your Data in 3D with this feature.

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